but a humble cup of coffee, sometimes i create and sometimes its good. she/they


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yall ever just wanna go break a bunch of shit for the catharsis

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witch tiem babey

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Aigis from last months patreon poll!

twix asked:

I hope you feel better soon and that your work leaves you alone for a bit so that you may rest!

god i hope so

i hate being sick its the worst and stressing about my job doesnt help any 😭

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A Rainy Morning | 📷: Philipp Zieger (Flickr)

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when you go to the bakery but you didn’t speak clearly enough for the staff to understand what you were trying to order

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an sit corpus an illud ebur

tbh if we talk once and have a great convo but havent properly talked to each other since (besides likes, reblogs, comments, etc) i still consider you a friend, more so than if either one of us try to force conversation multiple times

cause theres this understanding that we like each other but we're both socially awkward individuals?? and when i end up thinking of them im just like damn, even more we have in common.

idk maybe its just me tho

brb bout to destroy capitalism

being sick blows ass cause even if im not at work my manager will text me like "do you remember anything about this? a customer says this do you know what theyre talking about?" etc and its like

please leave me alone...

i feel like so much shit i can barely remember my own name

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from last year when i re-read HS

whenever you have intrusive negative thoughts about yourself consider blantantly thinking the opposite in spiteful rebellion.

brain telling you youre a piece of shit? guess what youre awesome and people love you. at the very least youre brain will be like ahh, delicious irony, amusement time. but! sometimes your brain will be like oh youre right, and give you a little dopamine

as a treat

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his name is Peach

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Online art terms:

MC = My character YC = Your character

YCH = Your character here (one draws a base and people can pay for their character to be drawn into that base by them)

Adoptable: A character design you can 'adopt' from an artist. Often these are paid character designs.

Commission: A custom art piece you 'commission' someone to make for you. This is a paid assignment

Request: These are free not guaranteed

Suggestion: Similar to a request but possibly even less guaranteed

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nope looks like i just fucked something up probably

me tryin to figure out what tf happened to that post

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A Himbo is

  • Strong

  • Dumb as all hell

  • but above all

  • Kind and respectful!!

If your Himbo isn't kind, then that's a Chad.