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a simple cup of coffee. sometimes i art and sometimes its good.

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adjust to thiccness of your paper

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1. The blender is your best friend

  1. Use good paper because that shit goes though printer paper like a tradi artist though an eraser
  2. It's good to make a palette with the colors you have (a small circle of color with the pen name/number), if possible in color groups (warm tones, skin tones, greys) to see what goes well together
  3. In doubt, try to blend the colors together on a scrap piece of paper to see how the ink bleed
  4. To avoid marker strokes, either color fast, do little parts one after the other, or use the large end of the blender to make a "wet" undercolor. Works with other light colors too !
  5. Apparently getting the paper very wet with ink, esp. Blender, and then pressing a sponge can make nice effects. But once again, careful of the kind of paper you use!

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omg. you should totally do gradients. i mean some brands are more blendable than others but it doesnt hurt to try

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