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OH MY GOD, yall my nonbinary heart was SINGING earlier

I was helping this cute little kids aunty find some beads for jewelry, and i guess the kid thought i was really nice for helping cause she gave me a hug 😭😂. And then her aunt was like dont hug them theyre a stranger what if they steal you and eat you! And this little girls like she wouldnt do that!! Shes not a stranger! And the aunt said how do you know? You dont know them! Maybe they kidnap lil kids and eat them over a fire.

And im giggling my ass off cause this back and forth is hilarious BUT THEN this child pulls down their aunt to whisper something to her and her aunt doesnt even bother to whisper back she was like no you gotta ask them. You dont say it like that you ask what their pronouns are. So the child looks at her, looks at me, looks at her, looks at me, then asks "hey are you a boy or a girl?"

I fucking DIED 🤣

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OMG THAT IS SO SWEET. Such a good interaction.

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thats adorable

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