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sorry for being silent. its been... a difficult week

and will probably continue being difficult for a while longer

we went to the police and theyve done nothing, so we decided to take action

my older sister and younger sister have been abused and raped by my older sisters husband for years, so mom and me and my little sister talked to my older sister and publicly accused him a few days ago

my older sister, lets call her r, has been devistated but immediately believed my younger sister, lets call her n. i wont go into any of the sordid details but ive been helping r sort out moving, her job, and figuring out her divorce, and n is going to therapy. r plans to go to therapy too but wants to testify as a part of n's case cause even though theyve ignored n for so long, they cant ignore multiple accusations, especially since im pretty sure theyre not the only two girls hes abused and raped as children and r's already contacted them and is waiting for a response.

those lazy pigs better at least label him as a child sex offender if they dont send him to jail i swear to god. my family is already doing their job for them so they better fucking do something.

still feeling murderous but luckily my past self has my back and so do yall, thanks for all the angst music ❤

im feeling absolutely murderous

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hope you're ok

as much as i can be

tbh what happened is super personal and deeply upsetting and i dont feel comfortable talking about it publicly

tbh i just went through something extremely emotionally jarring but im not sure what to do about it so im just going to try to go about as normal