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they like the beanbags too 👌👌❤

two seconds ago she had him in a headlock and was aggressively licking him

in other news hoozuki is snuggling my arm

just want to let yall know hoozuki STILL doesnt close his damn eyes when sleeping

4 am hoozuki

in cat news, hoozuki LOVES being cradled like a baby and getting his belly rubbed, he will meow and rub against you until he gets picked up!!!

Me: god im tired i better lay down

Hoozuki, right next to my ear: PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR-

for every reblog this post gets i will give my boy 1 (one) smooch

Me when hoozuki goes into idiot bastard mode:

oh fuck yuore so stupid....... you are so dumb i love you

stupid garbageman likes to jump in the trash and get himself stuck

a tale in four parts

arial view of the gremlin