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I have terrible news. After hoozuki died mom was super insensitive and words were exchanged and now we're being kicked out of the house.

Luckily fhe att job im in looks promising but if we cant find a reasonable place to stay by the end of the month may just say fuck it and move to colorado


God you guys are sweet im sorry this shits so heavy.. i really appreciate your kindness (and everybody who liked out of solidarity, i see you)

Im following up on any leads for a place that i can. Its difficult as fuck tho cause i live in a city that prides itself as a college town so that means if you dont rent a place in august youre fucked. Any well wishes and positive vibes are welcomed 😭

As for my finances luckily since i got the new job theyre not as dire? Food and gas are ok at least but honestly ill welcome anything i can put down for a deposit and first months rent so if i do find a place thats renting out of august i can grab it up asap

But straight up, i know everywheres fucked atm, so dont feel stressed or obligated if it can help you or someone else out more. Ill figure something out like i always have.