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sorry for the long absense ;;

ive been in a dark place but im with my family and theyve been helping me so dont worry

just got back from a psych eval analysis for my s/o and its both weird and a relief??? cause on one hand its like fuck yes, i can finally work on getting them the help they need, but on the other hand my s/o is shell shocked cause its one thing to hear stuff like that from me but its quite another to hear it from a proffessional. so im a little concerned? but its only cause i dont like seeing them unbalanced for any reason even tho i know this one is a good one

ahh, thank you for the support!! ❤

lemme just say ill be ok, things will get better, everything will work out

ive always been hilariously poor and ive been homeless before so unfortunately i know this song and dance, and i know what steps i can take. im not asking for money cause i know most all yall are in the same situation as me so while i appreciate it dont worry about it lmao

im dissociating pretty damn bad but tbh its understandable and i dont blame myself for being in this headspace. least i know from experience ill help me save the breaking down bit for later.

hey i know ive been kinda silent lately and im sorry, ive just hit a low point and been struggling with my depression. luckily i have understanding and support from my s/o to keep it from getting too bad so ill be ok

just wanted yall to know

damn tho its been a hard depression week tbh

shout out to all my fellow mentally ill folx who have to babysit their brain like "thanks for offering but i think its a bad idea to agonize over what other people think of me"

Me: hey maybe i should post my art cause other people might enjoy looking at it

My brain: if you tag it anything but the bare minimum youre attention seeking

Me @ myself when im actually drawing shit but my cripping anxiety says not to show any of it:


Me, dabbing while performing a sick kickflip: I'm experiencing physical and emotional burnout.

Sometimes you gotta treat your brain like an errant rude-ass child and condecendingly be the bigger person

I've got a head full of empty and I'm not afraid to use it

anytime i have negative thoughts about myself i know its my brain being fucky and stupid so i (try to remember to) contradict it with something positive.

cause i love myself, im awesome, and i make other people feel good when im around them

and tbh it rarely makes me feel better, but at least it stops me from feeling worse

Me, naturally being a polite but anxious mess: Hi, could i have help with this, please? Thank you.

Person: Sure.

Me, a master manipulator, easily bending peons to my will: Oh, thank you so much! I really appreciate it ;u;

Me and my s/o descending into a maniac depressive episode: Well one of us is gonna have to change.