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naiad asked:

I just saw your ask and is it your birthday?? Happy birthday!

(also sorry I accidentally hit unfollow when I went to hit ask xD )

thank u

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You should check around to make sure there aren't any more kittens around your house! There might be a littler hidden somewhere that your little one wandered away from and it's getting very chilly out

i actually go on walks everyday and i found him about a mile away from my house! it was on my usual route so i def looked for more kittens cause my biggest worry was that he was a part of a litter and i accidently grabbed his brother or something but i havent heard/seen anymore of them 😭

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fully moved into the new place! im fucking tired!!!

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i have given the kitties SO many smooches, this is their first move! They were super well behaved but definitely not liking it, bean was bunkered down and hoozuki gave the occasional small distressed meow 😭😭

and yeah we've been non fucking stop and just decided to call it a night, about to watch five deadly venoms and veg out 👌❤

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surprisingly yes!

its a smaller space but its more cozy than cramped, we never utilized all the extra space in our old place anyway

plus the rental company takes care of the amenities they offer, which i admit is the bare fucking minimum and the least they could do, but in comparison to the last place i was at that did less than nothing its a relief

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dude fuck rental companies. A few years ago my dog had a surgery that went bad and we didn't realize at the time but she was literally dying and I was stressed from the surgery and trying to make her eat and we lived on the third floor so getting her in and out to go to the bathroom was just a nightmare. And the rental place came in for an inspection and just fucking scolded me for half an hour about how she had blood dripping out of the wound in the outdoor walkways and how I hadn't cleaned up enough for the inspection while she was just laying there on blankets. Then they went into the bedroom and found the litterbox and started going off about how I had to get rid of the cat while I'm just bawling. The dog ended up dying 2 days later and we got kicked out of the apartment

that is fucking horrifying

im appalled you had to go through that jesus fucking christ...

straight up tho its like people trade in their humanity to work at rental companies, it sucks ASS

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aww thats sweet, thank you!

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Your post reminded me of something kinda similar. a while ago my husband's step-mom posted this huge thing on fb about how someone is trying to blackmail them over dirty pictures that her (30+ year old) daughter had sent and he was going to expose them without money or whatever and she just posted it on fb for their entire family and church to see, basically admitting it was true because why would you be freaking out unless she had sent the photos?? and just saying how the lord would protect them and like 50+ people commented on it offering condolences before she realized that all those people now knew her daughter was sending nudes to strangers and getting blackmailed. She ended up deleting the whole thing but it was up for almost 24 hours and I can't imagine how many people saw it and I'm sure her daughter didn't give her permission to post about it because why would you want your mom spilling the beans like that lmao it was such a wild ride and so many people in the family were calling each other to see if they had also seen the post

yeah email dude said he had my nudes and he would send it to people in my contacts too

im just like so fucking what? im not ashamed of my body?? and ya if people message me like "umm??" saying they got a naked pic of me ill be embarrassed sure but ill be like a dude tried to extort 2000 dollars out of me and i said no

like who even has 2000 of free money in this economy????

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were you able to get a toyhouse? i haven't used my account at all and i could probably give it to you somehow?

i was! thank you for the offer tho ❤

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I wish I could help, but I'm in a similar position. I hope things work out for you guys and you're able to stay as safe as possible. I know I'm just a stranger online, but you're in my thoughts.

nah i 100% feel you and i appreciate it

i hope things work out for you too

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assumption: you enjoy coffee cake with fruit toppings

WRONG fruit is an abomination in bakery products

i love coffee cake and fruit separately tho!

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☕️ thoughts on types of coffee?

all types of coffee are valid and acceptable ❤

except for cold brew. that shits disgusting and illegal

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Tbh someone on my dash reblogged from you and I was just looking for more blogs to follow but I stayed because you post nice content!


thank u